Let Us Manage Your Property

We have vast experience with managing real estate for the greatest total return. We'll meet with you and discuss our management philosophy and compare it with your own. We take pride in our experience in the total rehabilitation of trashed rental units. Many of our management clients come from owners too sick and tired to rehab their units, again. Our exhaustive tenant screening program uses every legally available means to help ensure that your unit will be leased to desirable tenants.

Our management operations are not a side line as with many brokerages. We manage hundreds of units with our management team. Our primary concern is maximizing total return that the property generates. Don't confuse this with squeezing every last dollar from the property. Nothing could be further from the truth. Based on our experience, we're able make suggestions for each individual property to maximize the total return, not just next month's.

The days of treating both the tenants and the property poorly are long gone. Today's savvy owners understand that they are "in business" with their tenants and that maintaining their property to community standards raises the return to them.

Turnover is the most costly thing that can happen to the owner...

Send us a E-mail and we can get together Rentals@Leadingham.com and discuss your specific situation.